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7th Grade Band Hits the High Note!

7th Grade Band Hits the High Note!

Mount Olive Middle School’s 7th Grade Band Shines at High Note Festival

June 7, 2024

The 7th grade band of Mount Olive Middle School, under the expert direction of Mr. Ken Adessa, delivered an outstanding performance at the prestigious High Note Festival held at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This event marked a significant milestone for the young musicians, showcasing their talent and hard work in a non-competitive, encouraging environment.

The High Note Festival is renowned for its unique approach to music adjudication. Unlike typical competitions, the festival emphasizes personal and ensemble growth over rivalry. Each group is judged solely on their performance, ensuring that middle school bands are not unfairly pitted against high school groups. This inclusive philosophy allows students to focus on improving their personal best and achieving excellence.

During the festival, adjudicators assessed the band on various musical skills and techniques that are the core of their daily practice. These included breath control, intonation, phrasing, dynamics, attacks, releases, diction, balance, tone, posture, attentiveness to the director, and concert etiquette. The students performed a well-rehearsed program, carefully chosen to highlight their strengths.

Mr. Adessa’s guidance and the students’ dedication were evident in their polished performance, which earned them positive feedback from the adjudicators. The recorded comments provided constructive suggestions for improvement, reinforcing the excellent teaching methods employed by Mr. Adessa.

Following their successful performance, the students were rewarded with an afternoon of fun at Dorney Park’s Wildwater Kingdom. This well-deserved break allowed them to enjoy the park’s attractions and celebrate their achievements.

The 7th grade band’s participation in the High Note Festival not only showcased their musical talents but also embodied the spirit of striving for personal excellence. Congratulations to Mr. Adessa and all the young musicians for their hard work and dedication!