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6th Graders Scrub In

6th Graders Scrub In

Leap into Learning: Mt. Olive Middle School 6th Graders Dive into Frog Dissection Lab

In an exciting exploration of biology, the 6th-grade students at Mt. Olive Middle School recently plunged into the world of biology through a captivating frog dissection lab. With scalpel in hand and curiosity as their guide, these young scientists delved into the anatomy of our croaking companions, unraveling the mysteries of life beneath the skin.

Under the expert guidance of science teachers Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Nawrocki, Mr. Osner-Hackett, Ms. Windish, Ms. Gage, and Mr. Gonzalez, the science labs transformed into M.O.M.S - Mount Olive Medical School as students eagerly gathered around the dissecting tray containing a preserved frog specimen awaiting their scrutiny. Excitement, and some trepidation, filled the rooms as the students prepared to embark on their hands-on journey into the realm of biology.  The labs were visited by building and district administrators Dr. Bangia, Mrs. McDermond, Mr. Jensen, Mr. Lucid, and building principal, Mrs. Wilke, all of whom were very impressed.

With steady hands and sharp minds, students took the roles of anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses, and attending, and carefully explored the external and internal structures of the frogs, from their sleek limbs to their intricate organs.  This immersive, hands-on experience not only deepened the students' understanding of biological concepts but also fostered essential skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, attention to detail, observation, and the importance of process all while creating a dynamic learning environment where curiosity was peaked.  Students embraced their roles, and took turns being “hands-on.”  During the “All Clear” students stepped back and out of their roles to let others take the lead.  Students were able to open the stomach of the frog and see the bugs that the frog had eaten.  Phrases and exclamations such as “I can’t believe the liver is so big!,” and “Look at the stomach muscles!” demonstrate the students' excitement.  

Beyond the classroom, the frog dissection lab serves as a bridge between theory and practice, enabling students to connect “textbook” knowledge with real-world exploration. The experience not only expands the students' scientific knowledge but also instills in our students a sense of responsibility and respect for the natural world.

With their leap into learning, the 6th-grade students at Mt. Olive Middle School should be commended for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and maturity. As they continue their educational journey, they now carry with them the invaluable lessons learned from their frog dissection lab, as well as stories to share with their families and friends.

We would also like to thank our PTO for supplying the students with “medical student” badges, which added much excitement and authenticity to the experience.